Green Cross hearing, October 25, 5pm - City Hall Rm. 416

This could be the final chapter of the long, sad saga of a cannabis dispensary shut down by NIMBYs, bad laws, and the city officials who pander to and write them, respectively. Let's not let it end in a defeat for freedom!

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SF ASA ALERT: The Green Cross Appeals Hearing
Thursday October 25, 5p.m. San Francisco:

WHERE: City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place San Francisco Room 416
WHY: The Green Cross for years was known as a model collective, offering low cost medicine, community services, and working with city officials to navigate through the complex set of regulations we have in the city. The local neighborhood council, chock full of "not in my back yard" wealthy homeowners, successfully launched a witch hunt against the collective, resulting in the eventual displacement of their lower Mission location and, more recently, the media sensationalism around their new location near the waterfront. Please come show your support for one of the patients' most respected collectives in the city, and help turn the tide in favor of safe access in San Francisco. REMEMBER THE GREEN CROSS!

That's this Wednesday, October 25 -- there was an error in the first message sent out.

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