[GrassrootsLibertarians] Re: I Vote "NO" - Re: Convention agreement

Hi Michael,

  Unfortunately, hitting "reply all" only works if "all" were openly copied in the initial message to which you are replying! I have asked our Secretary to always list me openly (in the "cc" or "to" fields, not the "bcc" field) of any email she sends to the group so that others can see when I am copied on a message, and I likewise ask that now of the rest of the committee, but for whatever reason that did not happen in the case of the email that was sent out announcing this vote.

  In order to be in accord with sound open governance practices, I believe ALL committee members must be copied publicly on messages dealing with official business of this committee.

  In order to secure the best possible deal for our party's convention -- and that is my aim here -- I think it would behoove us to think like savvy negotiators, and not simply approve what comes before us just because it looks good, without first considering how we might get an even better deal. It can't hurt to discuss the issue first, can it?

Love & Liberty,
                                   ((( starchild )))