[GrassrootsLibertarians] P.S. - Re: Abuse of LNCC.org website


  Thanks for your response. It was good to see you as well. Sorry not to have made it up on Saturday, but glad your conference went well. Having more communication on our list could have made a difference there -- I know you announced the event several months ago, but seeing nothing I had frankly forgotten about it.

  I wish I shared your confidence that "those issues will be added as the site evolves", but my suspicion is that the site looks the way it does now because Root and those who like him want a conservative-oriented LP like it that way. I don't think this misrepresentation of our party is appropriate. LNC member Guy McLendon also raises the point that the LNC does not know how the LNC is spending its money. LNC member Doug Craig says the LNCC was set up to be unaccountable to the LNC. I think these are more serious issues than a reading of your message below might lead one to conclude.

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))

Thanks for bringing this up, Starchild. These are the strangest responses I have ever heard from anyone in my entire life (and that's a long time!). "No control over"..?! "Root is in charge of the website"...?! When did I give permission for the LNC to use my annual $25 to promote Root without a general vote of members?

Traditionally, the LPSF has focused on local politics and remained mum about state and federal candidates, etc. However, some things that occur at the state and national levels affect how we locals are viewed. In fairness to Root, though, he is the only Libertarian taking a run for President, as a Libertarian, seriously. So maybe encourage other candidates?