Governor debate video available for public access TV

I doubt it's possible to do anything about this on such short notice,
but I know there have been some posts recently about procedures for
getting on local public access TV. So I'm forwarding this from B.J.
Wagener in case anybody knows more about it than I do and can say
whether there's any chance of getting this aired tomorrow.

Yours in liberty,
              <<< Starchild >>>

From: "B.J. WAGENER" <>
Date: Sat Oct 4, 2003 8:16:05 PM US/Pacific
Subject: Starchild

Hey Starchild,

 It went fairly well\.  10 candidates\.  3 camera angles\.  nearly 

full house at the beginning. So sorry, we can't turn out more than 1
person to support our statewide candidates. S A D. NOW, what you
could do is see if your Local Public Access will run the debate. Call
them or if youknow someone 2who is a P.A. Producer, see if we can get
a copy in S-VHS to them and get it on the air Monday on your S.F.
Public Access. THAT would help Ned. He was much better than at the
Lompoc Debate.

Already, I am planning 3 PRE-Primary - ALL CANDIDATES for the U.S.
Senate race .

Can you see if we can do one LIVE from the Cable Studio in S.F. for
me. I don't know the people up there..... yet?!@#$ darn it.,

Okay, I'll go vote for Denny again, too. At sf-frontlines. Are there
any other polls, hey, Denny is up to 14% from less than 1 % a few
weeks ago. He is gaining fast. Is there news or radio stories about
him up there? What was his web site again.??



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