Government dumps on shoeshine homeless man

Dear All;

Another prime example of mindless cretin
blow hard bureaucrats getting in the way of a
homeless man who is trying to accept personal
responsibility to get themselves back up out
of the gutter and slamming them back down
into the gutter.

Bureaucrat scuffs dream of homeless shoe shiner [www_sfgate_com]

It's all about permits and licenses and the state
saying you need our permission and don't you
forget it - or else!

I wrote about this a California Perspective op-ed:

The 500lb government monkey

Where the War on Poverty is in actuality the
War on the Poor where the red tape
bureaucrats get paid to look like they are
doing something helpful.

Government is all about taking and taking and
taking. We need to take back our rights and
tell government and its moron mutant mongrels
to go stuff themselves.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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