Government corruption and self-serving is a global problem

Very interesting, Starchild. Thanks for forwarding! Françoise
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As I was giving a monologue via megaphone at our tax protest on Saturday, one participant suggested I say something about how bad San Francisco politics is, or something to that effect. While I explained that I might well say something like that in a particular context, I was somewhat loathe to just single out SF on a general basis as being uniquely bad. Right-wingers are fond of using the city as a punching bag in this manner, a habit that I thinks traces back to homophobia and the rise of the phrase "San Francisco Democrat" as an anti-gay code term.
Anyway, the article below from the UK provides a timely illustration of the fact that out-of-control government, and the people in it enriching themselves at taxpayer expense, is a worldwide problem by no means limited to our city by the bay, or even to developing world dictatorships.
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