GOP Leaders Fake Outrage over N.Korea/Iran

The punditocracy is working feverishly to shift blame for the North Korean and Iranian crisis onto the Obama Administration. With gleeful anticipation, they paint apocalyptic pictures and calculate their future electoral chances on the possibility of atomic warfare.

  Iran: these same neocons who were itching to inflame nuclear warfare are seeing the 'New Hitler' likely ousted by his own populace and the thought of a regime change without US military intervention is giving them sleepless nights. After years of propaganda exaggerating the impotent Iranian military into a new blitzkreig; the lies are being exposed before the world's eyes. Much like the Iraq situation turned out to be in the end too.

North Korea is more problematic. After the Clinton Administration got North Korea to disarmament talks, the Bush regime, for reasons they never explained, linked North Korea to their non-existant "Axis of Evil". This brinkmanship---just as unneessary and untrue as with Iraq and Iran---provoked the North Koreans into re-armament. For 8 years, they continued, under the very noses of the Bushmen, until they recently perfected a functional nuclear weapon.

Of course, the media tells us that Obama is to blame for all this, charging that these other nations see him as weak for not engaging in torture and concentration camps like they do. On the contrary, it was the constant threat of unprovoked attack from the last administration that caused these regimes to rebuild their defences in the first place. Iran, flanked by two US-occupied countries and having its shipping repeatedly harassed by US warships, and being put on an 'Axis of Evil' list by a US president who openly declared he would attack countries unilaterally (without even consent of his own Congress)started re-arming after the Iraq Invasion. North Korea started re-arming after the 'Bush Doctrine' was formally announced. So who is to blame for all this?

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