GOP Group Cancels Straw Poll After Ron Paul Supporters Pour In

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December 05, 2007
San Francisco GOP Group Cancels Straw Poll After Ron Paul Supporters Pour In
Posted by Eric A. Garris at December 5, 2007 12:48 AM

Scores of Ron Paul supporters showed up to the San Francisco Republican Alliance dinner, where they were treated to an hour and a half of speeches for Fred Thompson. When Ron Paul supporters asked to speak, they were told that time had run out and they held a raffle. After the raffle, the organizers announced that the rest of the program had been cancelled.

Thanks to Dr. Michael Edelstein for this report.

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  That's outrageous. Did the Ron Paul supporters ask for and receive their money back? I think you have grounds to demand it.

    ((( starchild )))

I just posted this comment on the blog:

The organizer, or at least the contact person for the event, was Gail Neira -- she can be reached at (415) 820~1430 or (415) 821~4452. Ron Paul supporters might wish to call and demand their money back for the event if they haven't already. It also seems possible that this action somehow violated the California Republican Assembly's bylaws. The state CRA bylaws can be found at ... ; I could not find any bylaws online for the SF group ( ). If the SFCRA does not have any bylaws, that would be a violation of the state CRA charter.

Love & Liberty,
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Some asked for their money back. I think only a few got a refund.

Best, Michael

Hi all,

I would like to file a complaint with the FEC.

Could someone versed in law draft a complaint template
based on the FEC guidelines here



--- Starchild <sfdreamer@...> wrote:

Just noted that this story is on the front page of both the Drudge Report
and (along with a YouTube video documenting everything that
happened when Gail Neira announced that she was cancelling the straw poll).

Note that this was not an event sponsored by the Republican Party, but the
SF Republican Alliance, who may not be regulated by the FEC, much as a PAC
operates under entirely different rules than a ballot-qualified political
party, so I’m not sure filing a complaint with the FEC would make any
difference. Attendees requesting a refund of their money (as is loudly
apparent on the video) does make a difference, and this event, which was
apparently intended as a Fred Thompson fundraiser may end up losing money in
the long run.

Terry Floyd

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