Google Alert - "Libertarian Party of San Francisco" / James Pan for Assessor

Thanks for catching that, Rob. Too bad I missed the reporter's call!

  By the way, if anyone else still hasn't voted yet, I found the
following on the website of James Pan, who is challenging the
incumbent for Assessor-Recorder:

Pan is a strong supporter for small government and less tax.
Pan is an advocate for higher Homeowner Exemption for residential
properties resulting lower property tax for Homeowners.
Pan is a strong supporter of prop.13 , which was passed on June 6th
1978 by nearly two-thirds of California’s voters resulting
57% property tax reduction for that year.

Pan is a big opponent of big managers system. If elected he will
eliminate most of the high paying manager positions and replacing
them with professional and clerical staff which actually produce work.

  If you voted for the incumbent Phil Ting, I think you should be
kicking yourself right now. Next year I hope that we *as a group* will
make an effort to organize and participate in a candidate
recommendation process, so we can hear from people like this whom we
probably should have backed as a party.

Love & Liberty,

        ((( starchild )))