Good News from the California Libertarian Party Executive Committee Quarterly Meeting

Dear friends:

Exciting news from yesterday's LP of California board meeting.

Consistent with the LP's commitment to lobbying for marriage equality in California and nationwide, the board of the LP of California voted unanimously to ask Kevin Takenaga to lobby the Governor to sign the recently-passed marriage equality bill, AB43.

Given that the LP has better relations with the Republican Party in California than the Democrats do, this should ratchet up the pressure on the governor even further. Kevin will be writing an open letter to the governor reminding him of his duties to protect the rights of all Californians, as well as encourage him to sign the bill as written.

If you're a California resident, there are three things you can do to help the Libertarian Party (and marriage equality movement) win this battle in California:

1) Write the governor, identifying your constituency, and urge him to sign the bill as written. If you are a Libertarian, you may want to note that in your letter as well, so that the governor understands the magnitude of support for this legislation in the LP community;

2) Write in to the LGBTQ and local press, underscoring the strong support of the Libertarian Party -- both nationally and in California -- for marriage equality. The February 14th press releases by the Libertarian National Committee, LP of California, and LP of Massachusetts, are all excellent resources to point to as proof of this ongoing commitment. The support for marriage equality from LP front-runners including Steve Kubby, George Phillies, Wayne Allyn Root, and Christine Smith may also be useful indicators. Kevin's letter should be posted on the Internet in a few days and will further underscore our party's commitment to substantive steps towards marriage equality;

3) Support the LPC in its efforts to tip the scale towards marriage equality in California with a contribution. The LPC is spending quite a bit of money right now on outreach and education efforts, and can use further resources to help keep things going during this pivotal time. I have been advised by LPC board members that donations may be earmarked by donors for outreach, LGBT efforts, or any other sub-set of LPC efforts that you want your contribution to go towards. You can visit the LP of California's web site (and get the donation address) at

I will post a link to Kevin's letter as soon as it's on the web site (and sent to the governor).

Special thanks to Rich Newell (LPC Northern California vice chair) for placing this important equality legislation on the agenda and LPC chair Kevin Takenaga for stepping up to the plate to lobby the governor on this issue.

Thanks also to the Outright Libertarians membership, Libertarian Party of California members, and supportive people from around the country who are committed to our party's continued success in gaining liberty for all who love differently! Without your support we wouldn't have this opportunity to make history in California.