Good News for Renters' Cost of Living – Gas Tax Repeal Makes Ballot!

Not all of the factors making housing in the Bay Area and California unaffordable are directly related to the costs of homebuying or renting. After all, if we all had plenty of resources, the cost of buying or renting a home wouldn't be a hurdle. While the reasons we don't all have abundant resources are many and varied, one significant reason is government greed, which manifests in an endless parade of taxes and fees.

  Even if you don't own a car or drive for a living, the California government's gas tax probably affects you. It puts upward pressure on the prices of rideshares, taxis, and transit. (Even non-gas-fueled transit; when the cost of driving goes up, agencies like BART and Muni are more likely to conclude they can get away with raising fares too.) For people whose vehicles double as their homes due to the housing shortage, this increased cost of driving becomes a housing cost every time they have to move their home in order to avoid falling victim to government greed in the form of parking or street sweeping tickets and tows.

  So everyone who cares about making the cost of living here more affordable can celebrate this success of taxpayer advocates getting a measure to repeal this regressive tax on the ballot! Read more below for details, and how you can help.

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