Good literature at the FEE website

Hi All,

I am always on the prowl for free stuff to distribute at our booths, events, etc. Today I received 20 free copies of "Are We Good Enough for Liberty," an attractively-bound little booklet by Lawrence Reed which discusses the connection between "character and liberty". It also contains "I, Pencil." You can find out more about his at the FEE website. If you order some of these books, I hope you will send a small donation to FEE and promote their website on your Facebook page, etc.

BTW, at the FEE site, there is currently an interesting article on video games that contain a libertarian bent. I posted my comment. Hope you will too.

I am thinking LPSF could use the "Are We Good Enough for Liberty" little books as a "thank you" to donors. My idea is to add a few lines to the "Campaign" section of the LPSF website indicating that donors of $100 and up receive the book, and donors of $50 - $99 receive a pin-back button. If this idea betrays a lack of "character" on my part (i.e., we received the books for free), please let me know.