Golden Gate Xpress ad running tomorrow [1 Attachment]

There was a little bit of confusion about the size and format of the ad with them, but we got it sorted out, and Les emailed them a scanned copy of our check for $220.50 which he's mailing (thanks, Les!).

  I just talked with their student graphic designer, and she said the ad will run as a stand-alone on page 3 next to an article. That's very good placement, as people should see it right away when they open the paper -- and she said they're only publishing an 8-page paper this week, which should make it that much more visible.

Love & Liberty,
                                  ((( starchild )))

Thank you, Starchild. Good job. I live next to SF State, so I will make myself a note right now to pick up at least a couple of the papers.


Hi Starchild! The ad looks good. I liked the format last year and it looks good again this year. Thanks, Marcy, for picking up a few newspapers--you saved me a trip over there tomorrow.


Hi Starchild and All,

I picked up 5 copies of the GG Xpress for anyone who wants them. There were not many copies in the box, so I did not want to hog up any more than 5. This edition of the Xpress is carrying a short article "Xpress weighs in on propositions" and another article "Low Student Turnout Expected." So our Porp A ad fit right in. Great ad too!