Go Kucinich!

And whom would Paul pick as his running mate? Huckabee?

50) A Kucinich/Paul ticket? Not even in your dreams

Raw Story

by Nick Juliano

"Call them 2008's odd couple: Democratic presidential candidate Dennis

Kucinich says if his long-shot bid for the presidential nomination

were successful, he'd ask Republican Ron Paul to be his running mate.

The two men are lagging in opinion polls of their parties' primary

voters, but exploding in popularity among online supporters. With

their powers combined ... well, who knows what would happen. Kucinich

raised the possibility of a gadfly team-up at a recent campaign stop

in New Hampshire, although the idea has been kicking around for months

in blogs and Internet forums. ... However, even if Kucinich can

bolster his support enough to topple the Hillary Clinton-Barack Obama-

John Edwards juggernaut currently battling for Democratic primacy,

such a pairing is nearly impossible. ... Besides, if either of the

gadflies is going to take center stage in his party's presidential

quest, Paul seems the more likely contender." (11/28/07)