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Globalists Want To Destroy Conservative Principles - But They Need Our Help
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For months now, long before the 2016 election, I have been warning about a specific social dynamic which is likely to lead to a form of civil war within the U.S.; namely, the reality that people on the left side of the political spectrum would become despondent at the inevitable loss of their candidate, Hillary Clinton, and that they would react by becoming far more militant. In my article 'Order Out Of Chaos: The Defeat Of The Left Comes With A Cost', published November post-election, I stated:

“When I mentioned in my last article the crippling of social justice, I did not mention that this could have some negative reverberations. With Trump and conservatives taking near-total power after the Left had assumed they would never lose again, their reaction has been to transform. They are stepping away from the normal activities and mindset of cultural Marxism and evolving into full blown communists. Instead of admitting that their ideology is a failure in every respect, they are doubling down.

When this evolution is complete, the Left WILL resort to direct violent action on a larger scale, and they will do so with a clear conscience because, in their minds, they are fighting fascism.”

I believed at that time that the social-justice cult would lose mainstream influence but that the existing minority would resort to even more insidious tactics and greater violence to get what they want; and, the so-called "moderate left" would cheer them on. As it turns out, I have been proven right so far.

Not that extreme Leftists have been averse to violence over the past year, but I think it is safe to say that the volume on the cultural Marxist machine has been turned up a notch. The riot at UC Berkeley over a scheduled speech by gay, conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos is a perfect example:

Then, there was the raid by SJWs at NYU on a speech by conservative journalist and comedian Gavin McInnes, in which they shouted down all discussion with mindless chants until the event had to be canceled. This was, of course, after they had already physically attacked people outside the building, including McInnes:

The social justice mantra is changing. At first, it was predominately about forming mobs to “shame” target political opponents into silence. Now, it is about forming mobs to do what they call “punching Nazis.” Leftists are now often seen regurgitating the claim — “This is only the beginning…”

I agree, this IS only the beginning. The Left is driven not only by the ideology of cultural Marxism, but also a very specific activist strategy outlined in Saul Alinsky’s 'Rules For Radicals'. The very core of Alinsky’s method revolves around one important rule in particular: the ends justify the means.

This is the key ingredient of moral relativism, and when a movement is motivated by moral relativism, there is no limit to the depths they will sink to get their way. Activists adopting the “ends justify the means” mentality are not interested in being “right,” or wise, or rational or logical or factual; they ONLY care about “winning.” This is their goal, and they will do anything to achieve it.

It is important to note, however, that all of these protests and the increase in violence is not taking place in a vacuum. As many liberty analysts have noted, Trump has hardly had time to do anything yet that would warrant national protests. Is Trump really the only catalyst? Not quite. The mainstream media and globalists like George Soros have been very effective in agitating or outright paying protesters and provocateurs to generate zombie mobs of gullible Leftists to use as a billy club for harassing conservatives.

That said, I want liberty activists and analysts to ponder on this for a moment — to what end is this being done? Why is Soros so interested in fomenting leftist rage? Is it designed to overthrow Trump? To initiate mob action and frighten conservatives into silence? Or do the globalists have a greater and more important goal in mind?

I have been writing often on the idea of 4th Generation Warfare the past month, and I think my readers are now well versed in the concept of the “three-steps-ahead” style of tactics, as well as the concept of manipulating an opponent to destroy himself, rather than fighting him directly. These are not new methods, the globalists have merely taken them to the next level.

But how do 4th Gen warfare tactics apply to the current Right vs. Left scenario in the U.S.? Well, everything is not as obvious as it seems.

As I outlined in-depth in my article Clinton Versus Trump And The Co-Option Of The Liberty Movement, globalists and the leftist media have been, in a strange way, quietly cheering for Trump, but only as a tool for absorbing the liberty movement (what they still call the “Tea Party”). This glee is made rather evident in an article published by Bloomberg in August titled The Tea Party Meets Its Maker.

There is a point I have been trying to make for most of the year that I think has been consistently missed by many in the liberty movement. That point being that the greatest danger to conservatives is NOT militant Leftists, but how we RESPOND to militant Leftists. That is to say, I believe the globalists are using the Left as a cattle prod to enrage conservatives and lure us into abandoning our principles in the name of defeating Marxists.

Consider this; the argument among most liberty analysts has been that the numerous anti-Constitutional programs put in place by the Obama administration in the past eights years would eventually be used by the political Left and the globalists as weapons to subdue and destroy conservatives and patriot groups. While Obama certainly tested the waters of tyranny over and over again, up to and including using executive orders to assassinate American citizens without trial, it is clear that those extensive powers afforded to the White House are no longer in the hands of the left; they are in the hands of Trump.

Obama even signed the “Countering Disinformation And Propaganda Act” into law AFTER Trump had already won the White House. Trump has now inherited this power as well, which seems to give government the authority to harass or even silence news sources they deem “fake news.” While many liberty activists cried foul and warned of a “coup” designed to shut down alternative news sites and thwart Trump’s inauguration, I warned that there was a much more dangerous scenario in play.

What will conservatives do in the face of the leftist mob funded by globalists and growing ever more vicious? Well, what do the globalists expect us to do? I think they expect us to look at all the government powers we once admonished as unConstitutional and say “hey, maybe these laws and executive orders are not so bad after all…”

I think the globalists are handing us the incredible temptation of far reaching bureaucratic power, and they expect us to abuse that power, as almost anyone would.

As an alternative analyst I am privy to trends in the liberty movement and in conservative circles that might not be immediately obvious to casual readers. Already, I am witnessing calls among conservatives to abuse government power to defeat the Left. I have seen comments such as:

“Trump should use the NDAA to imprison these leftists indefinitely…”

“The only solution is to throw the leftists into FEMA camps…”

“Trump needs to shut down the leftist media…”

“Sometimes it is okay to bend the rules of the constitution if you have the right president…”

And comments like this are popping up everywhere in liberty media boards. Now, I recognize that some of this talk is being posted by paid disinformation agents and provocateurs, but, I have heard regular conservatives and patriots, people who are long time proponents of the Constitution, echo similar sentiments.

I often use the analogy of the “One Ring” from The Lord Of The Rings to describe big government power. I really can’t find a better fictional symbol. Anyone who comes into possession of the “one ring” is eventually corrupted by it. Many good people believe that its darker energy can be contained and directed for good purposes, but they, too, are ultimately undone by it. The only answer, the only solution, is to abandon the ring, or to destroy it.

Overt government power is very much the same; it corrupts any person or group that comes in contact with it. Every group thinks that if only THEY were in possession of government that they would do things differently. This is a delusion. No person or group is benevolent enough to handle this responsibility, and this includes conservatives. Many groups would commit egregious and heinous crimes to take government for themselves, or keep it for themselves, all the while so many Saurons (globalists) laugh and smack their lips as the masses battle over numerous rings of power.

As I have noted time and time again for the past several months, Trump is the perfect tool for scapegoating conservative movements for the economic crisis the elites have already engineered. But, this is only one part of the agenda. In the midst of chaos generated by financial calamity, the morals of an entire society can become "malleable". The most important target of the globalists is not only conservatives, but the conservative philosophy. They don’t just want to annihilate conservatives today, they want to annihilate conservatives for all time.

The globalists cannot accomplish this task without our help. They NEED us to adopt an attitude of moral relativism, much like the Left. They need us to turn into totalitarians. They need us to become the monster we claim we want to defeat. Only then can conservative principles be demonized for all time. Only then will history look back on us as a stain on the human record.

This is the globalist’s long game.

While Leftists are being encouraged to mutate into wild frothing packs of rabid dogs, conservatives will be encouraged either through temptation or manipulation to respond in kind. The Left’s propaganda train asserts that we are “fascists.” Obviously, we are the furthest thing from this. But, with enough violence and aggressive censorship on their part, we might end up saying “Okay, you want to see fascism, we’ll show you fascism!”

The social justice cult has no idea what they are being led into. The globalists are going to throw them to the wolves, and WE are the wolves.

It is important to note that the Left is also not the only instigator for conservatives to turn totalitarian. Islamic terrorism is always a perfect rationale for increased government intrusion in the name of safety. The worst part is, the threats from the Left and the threats from Islamic extremism are in most cases quite legitimate, and they seem to be working hand-in-hand more each day.

The progressive interference with steps towards more rational immigration policies and their steady defense of Sharia Law leads many conservatives to see them as one in the same enemy. No foreigner is entitled to citizenship in the U.S., but leftists live in a fantasy world of open borders. The left's refusal to entertain reasonable and selective immigration will eventually push conservatives towards more drastic measures, which is the ultimate point.

Very few Americans like Communists, and very few Americans like Muslim zealotry; the justification for totalitarian measures to disrupt such threats is relatively easy for many people.

This is why I am going to make my next prediction of a major geopolitical event to close out this article — I believe there will be a large scale terrorist attack within the next three months, beyond the mob actions of the Left already in progress.

It will either be similar in scope to 9/11, or, it will be a succession of many smaller attacks occurring over the course of a few days to a couple of weeks. I believe that the current dispute over border controls and immigration denial will come immediately into play. Trump will blame Leftists for obstructing his efforts for secure immigration. Leftists and the media will blame Trump for “radicalizing” Muslims with his immigration policies, or perhaps even accuse him of staging the attacks himself. Trump will begin taking extraordinary measures beyond the Constitution to ensure immigration denial and the thwarting of the Left, and conservatives will applaud him for it.

Again, conservatives are being led by globalists into the temptations of power. The only way for us to fight back is to maintain our principles and refuse to support ANY government measure that is unConstitutional, even if it is to be used against our enemies. The only way that the heritage of liberty can be defeated is if the proponents and champions of liberty forsake it. We beat the globalists in the long run by standing by our ideals and fighting back within the bounds of the principles we hold dear. Dominance through government is never the answer.

Thanks for posting this, Phil. I can imagine it being quite persuasive to some on the right, in terms of curbing their appetite for using Big Government authoritarian methods to fight the left.

  Personally, I admit I find Brandon Smith's analysis rather laughable. To begin with, he refers to Clinton's "inevitable" loss. That's rather funny considering that she won the popular vote and came very close to winning the election, which was generally seen as an upset, the outcome being contrary to the findings of most polls in the months leading up to November. From where I sit it seems clear that if the events of the news cycle had played out a little differently in the last week leading up to the election, the results could have easily gone the other way. I suspect even lots of those who predicted a Trump win – many of them presumably conservatives who also spoke confidently of an Obama defeat in 2012, because predicting victory for "their" side is just what they do – were privately surprised when it actually happened.

  Of course that's just Smith's warm-up to his main thesis, which references Saul Alinsky and cites the maxim "the end justifies the means" as "the very core of Alinsky's method": When leftists resort to violence by rioting, or supporting those who assault people and damage or loot private property, according to Smith, they are deliberately following the advice of the evil mastermind Alinsky and embracing his moral relativism.

  But what about when conservatives resort to violence (usually by surrogate), in calling for government force to violate the constitutional and human rights of their political opponents? Then, Smith tells his readers, it is the fault of "globalists", especially arch villain George Soros, who are "using the Left as a cattle prod to enrage conservatives and lure us into abandoning principles in the name of defeating Marxists." As if conservatives have no authoritarian impulses of their own, or at least would never act on them were they not being manipulated by those unprincipled leftists!

  This mirrors some of the implicit arguments I've seen in reactions by left-leaning commenters to the debacle of the cancelled Milo Yiannopoulos event at Berkeley – if Milo's detractors engaged in violence, well, it's because they were provoked into it, enraged by his "fighting words". Naturally they themselves are otherwise free of any violent tendencies!

  The two sides remind me of a couple of fighting toddlers, each continuing to hit the other while protesting to the grownup in the room with each new assault that, "s/he made me do it!" No acknowledgement of their side's aggressions, or willingness to take moral responsibility for their own actions.

  Nevertheless, the somewhat dispiriting reality may be that pieces like Smith's serve a positive function. If conservatives won't defend the Constitution and civil liberties just because, maybe they will defend them if they think right-wing comments in favor of Trump shutting down media outlets, locking people up, putting them in camps, etc., are actually part of a sinister left-wing plot to turn conservatives into totalitarians and make conservatism into a monster that will be easier to rally their followers against.

  So I see value in libertarians forwarding this piece to right-leaning individuals and forums, and sharing similar but mirror arguments with people on the left. Perhaps the notion that there's a deliberate right-wing strategy being pushed by people like Donald Trump and Milo Yiannopoulos to prod them into committing violence and rights-violations in order to discredit them and make it easier to justify a crackdown, will help leftists remember traditional liberal values of free speech and non-violent protest.

  We don't have to buy either set of conspiratorial blame-shifting nonsense ourselves, or even pretend to (indeed I would argue we should always wear our true values openly and proudly – somebody's got to stay honest and principled in this mess, and if not libertarians then who?) Statists of one faction or the other whose partisan blinders make them receptive to a theory like Smith's likely won't need much of a push to embrace it. In fact libertarians openly dismissing the idea as nonsense while passing it along might make some of them more likely to do so.

  Yeah, it's perverse. But if the comforting narrative that it's their enemies who want them to be authoritarians is what it takes for these statists to hold onto some principles and decency while avoiding an examination of their own authoritarian tendencies, well, maybe some delusional beliefs along those lines are for the best, at least in a short-term, harm-reduction sense.

Love & Liberty,
                              ((( starchild )))

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A brilliant response, Starchild... bravo!

Now, if only I could convince you that concentrations of wealth pose even more of a threat to personal freedom than taxes -- or that Capital and its interests are (in practical effect) the bulwark of the State...

But then, that's why you're a Libertarian, and I'm somewhere between a moderate anarchist and an anti-authoritarian liberal. Enjoy the Party!

Thanks, Mitch! But taxation – forcing a bunch of people to send money to one place – is concentrating wealth. To separate Capital and State as much as possible, we have to minimize the amount of Capital that is sent to the State. Do you disagree?

Love & Liberty,
                                 ((( starchild )))