(GLC KV#1) LP Treasurer Aaron Starr hides the party budget

Paulie Cannoli writes:


Writing in Liberty for All, Libertarian National Committee member R.
Lee Wrights says:


"Whether we remain silent out of mere convenience or simply to
avoid criticism from our peers, it almost always looks like we are
trying to "get away with something." This is exemplified perfectly by
a situation we face right now on the Libertarian National Committee.
You see, we have a national Treasurer who is refusing to release the
details of the budget recently passed by the committee unless those of
us seeking the information promise not to forward it to anyone,
including other committee members. He has even gone so far as to
refuse to obey several direct requests from our national Chair to
forward the budget. A document that was shown, debated, and voted upon
in open session is now being treated as though it were some sort of
State secret! Why, I ask, why?!

The answer from our Treasurer is that he doesn't want to be
criticized for his work. Apparently, there is something in the budget
that frightens him. Something about it has him worried; and, he
believes if it gets out into the public eye that people may be
critical of what he has done. Now personally, I don't think he really
has that much to worry about. I mean, after all, each of us on the
committee, as national leaders, must naturally expect that not
everyone is going to be pleased with what we are doing. Criticism
comes with the job. What the Treasurer obviously does not realize is
by trying to avoid critical analysis of his work product, he is
inviting the worst type of criticism. The first question on most
folks' mind when they hear about this is, "What is Aaron Starr trying
to hide?"

Is our Treasurer trying to hide something? Well frankly, I cannot
say yes or no. I am not allowed to see the budget details since I
refuse to agree to Mr. Starr's unreasonable demand for silence. What I
do know are ridiculous circumstances when I come upon them. What I can
tell you is there is a huge problem when board members cannot get such
information from committee officers even after we have voted on it and
made it our "spending authority."

What is Mr. Starr trying to hide? Perhaps nothing at all. But how
are we to know unless he allows us to take a look at the details of
the budget and discuss it among ourselves? I dare say few
organizations, if any, would stand for such arrogance from a national
officer who refuses to supply fellow committee members with
information they are entitled to, information that, in fact, belongs
to them! Hopefully at the next national convention the Libertarian
Party will elect a Treasurer who believes in openness and
transparency. Perhaps we can find someone who will not be swayed by
fear of the criticism that is inherent in the job."