Giving out flowers at City Hall to couples marrying?

In 2004, during those days when Mayor Newsom was allowing same-sex
marriages in San Francisco, some LPSF members gave out flowers to
couples marrying at City Hall. Do we want to do that again? (Starting
5pm on June 16)

Who was in charge of that project (buying flowers, organizing
volunteers) last time, and would you be willing to take charge of it
again this time?


I was obviously not in charge of it last time (since I lived in Michigan)
but I would be happy to help organize it this time. Unfortunately I have
tickets to see the Detroit Tigers play the Giants on the 16th and 17th
starting at 7:15 PM, but I can do whatever is needed at times other than


Starchild and I organized the last one. We had cards printed that said
something like "Congratulations from the San Fransico Libertarian
Party, supported gay rights since 1971" and got flowers (I forget what
kind) at the flower market on (IIRC) 6th and Brannan and then waited
on the steps of City Hall to hand them out. I'm happy to help out with
this again.

Since the new marriages will at a slower pace, maybe getting a list of
addresses and mailing the flowers would be more practical(?)