Get Out The Vote! Your help needed to influence newspaper's polls...

SF Gate, the online site of the San Francisco Chronicle newspaper,
has started running weekly opinion polls. You can vote online at

  Last week there were 466 total votes on the question "Is a 10% BART
fare increase justified?" This week there's 591 so far on "Would an
anti-spam law undermine the Internet?" The results of each week's poll are
published in the Chronicle.

  Politicians can't pay for surveys on every public policy issue. I'm
sure a lot of local & state officeholders look at the results of polls
published in northern California's largest newspaper.

   There are dozens if not hundreds of Libertarians on e-lists in
California alone. If each of us takes a minute to vote each week (this
should take literally less than a minute), we will constitute a significant
voting bloc! Vote early, vote often, refer your (libertarian-leaning)

For liberty,
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