George Washington - Entangling Alliances - Not!

Dear All;

Gary North a Lew Rockwell columnist wrote
an RIP for Bill Marina a Libertarian who was
also a noted historian.

In the article he wrote what Bill Marina had to
say about Washington and it's an eye opener.

From the article:

Much has been made by some opponents of
Interventionism, in suggesting that we go back
to Washington's Farewell Address, of "no
entangling alliances," as a model for the country
today. I believe this a misreading of the
Washington-Alexander Hamilton view, that this
really meant an open door to unilateral intervention.

As exhibit one, I would offer Washington's aid to
the French Creoles in Haiti in 1792, in an effort to
thwart the Blacks revolting there. Here was America's
first effort at "foreign aid," some $726,000 at a time
when that was real money! As a southerner and
slaveholder, Washington was concerned that Black
revolt would carry over into the United States.

Ooops give a whole new meaning to no entangling
alliances when it actually means unilateral intervention.

Read the rest of the article here. It also includes some
historical facts about the Revolutionary War and the
local militias who created Hell for the Redcoats which
I believe has never made it into school history text books
about the Revolutionary War.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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