Geoffrey Neale

"Many people give far more than $25 per year, and they are the ones we
listen to most diligently - it's called the free market."

Geoffrey Neale
National Chair,
Libertarian Party

I can't believe I'm reading this. The Libertarian party is supposed to
be the party of principle. If we wanted to be involved with a party set
up as a free market where the party's identity is shaped by the highest
bidders, we'd be Democrats or Republicans. This comment is outrageous. I
never would have done this on my own but since Mr. Neale suggested it,
I'm going to exercise my free market right and cut my contribution to
the national LP to the minimum. I'm going to then exercise my free
market right to redirect those funds to the SFLP where people have a

Michael F. Denny
Libertarian Candidate for San Francisco Mayor
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