Gay Marriage


  Good points. Obviously you can have state socialism without democracy,
and it tends to be even worse than state socialism with democracy. Even
if I wanted to go all the way to anarchy, voting is just about the last
vestige of government I would want to get rid of. Since I think the
people as a whole are more to be trusted than the politicians (power
corrupts, remember), at present I'd even like to expand voting, so that
more things are decided directly by voter referendum, and fewer
decisions made by those in power.

Yours in liberty,
          <<< Starchild >>>

To me it[voting] is clearly a
privilege or some variant of a positive-right (as in
the right to free health care).


So the answer to your question is - yes, I don't think
escalation of voting privileges or marriage privileges
are issues that should concern the LP.

So if a law were proposed to prevent all currently registered
Libertarians from voting, this would not be of interest as voting is a

It seems to me that voting is an essential check on the power of the
state and is not only related to, but essential to the maintenance of

By the way, isn't it democracy that has enabled this
socialist mess to fester, which we (libertarians) now
find ourselves fighting against?

The logic here seems to be:
X enabled Y.
Y is bad.
Therefore X should be ended to eliminate Y.

(where X = democracy and Y = socialism)

By this logic:
Human existence enabled socialism.
Socialism is bad.
Therefore human existence should be ended to eliminate socialism.

-- Steve

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