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Dear friends,

There is something you can do right now that will really
help Gary Nolan's campaign for President ...

Endorse Gary Nolan for President!

We're preparing to update the endorsement page of our
Website, and would like to fill it with statements by
Gary Nolan supporters like you from all across America.

To submit your endorsement, click here:

Gary really appreciates your support. Thank you!

The Gary Nolan Team
     Steve Dasbach
     Erica Brown
     Justin Kempf
     Marianne Volpe
     Audrey Mullen

P.S. Even if you previously submitted an endorsement, it
would really help us if you could do so again. We lost a
lot of our endorsement statements in a hard drive crash
last month and are hoping to avoid the expense of recovering
the lost data. We had most of our critical data backed up,
but the endorsement statements were part of a file that was
lost. If you can re-submit your endorsement, it would be a
big help. Thank you.