Gary Nolan in California

Voice of Liberty Subscriber,

Thank you for subscribing to Voice of Liberty! Recently, (just this
Tuesday) we were contacted by the Junior Statesman of America to
attend two
separate conferences in California on November 22 and 23. It was
notice but it was also an opportunity to give two KEYNOTE addresses to
estimated crowds of 1000 persons at EACH EVENT!

He will be in the LA area from November 20 - 22 and the San Jose area
November 22 - 25.

If you would be interested in volunteering in any way to make this
successful please reply back. This is an excellent opportunity for
Nolan to deliver the Libertarian message to a large crowd of young
preparing to vote in their first election. Let's do what we can to
make the
most of this trip to California.

Thank you,

Justin Kempf

Volunteer Coordinator

Gary Nolan for President Campaign