Gary Johnson and Ron Paul

At the Gary Johnson event yesterday, Michael Edelstein wanted me to ask Gary if he endorsed Ron Paul's foreign policy. He replied "I already have" and then went on about how bad our current policy was.

For Ron Paul people on this might appreciate seeing this video from the Gary Johnson campaign.

By the way...this YouTube video series from the Johnson campaign is really quite good if you ask me.


Hey Mike,

Thanks for asking the question.

Unfortunately, Gary's response seems ingenuous. When he replied, "I already have," did you follow-up with, "you mean you've stated you favor withdrawing all U.S. troops from around the world immediately?" If so, what was his response?

Warm regards, Michael

Unfortunately no....I knew something wasn't right but didn't have the presence of mind to get into it with him. Sorry about that.


Hi folks,
Maybe he meant he would "have more flexibility after he is elected" :slight_smile: