FYI: Supervisor Wiener's January 2012 Newsletter

Politicians' newsletters are always full of a lot of fluff, but they can also be good sources of community information, useful in revealing some of the priorities they are working on, etc. This one lists a bunch of different community meetings and such that are going on.

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Oy! and more legislation, such as making sure janitors have a living wage. But, yes, great way to keep track of what is going on. BTW, good grief, how tall is this guy! Thanks for the post, Starchild.


Hi Marcy,

"Oy!" You can say that again.

I get fluff from my Assembly Woman, Joan Millman, State Senator, David Squadron, Brooklyn Borough President, Marty Markowitz, and Congressperson Nydia Velazquez. This Scott Wiener (any relation to Anthony Wiener, the disgraced NY Congressman?) out-fluffs all of them combined!

I liked best where he talks about "professional dog walkers." Here's a man who should not be elected dog catcher, yet he wants to license dog walkers! Oy, oy, oy.

(In NYC, people are only required by law to pick up after their dogs. Shouldn't that be enough for SF?)

And as for those janitors that Mr. Wiener's heart bleeds so much over, I wonder what he thought about Newt Gingrich's calculation that for every public school janitor hired at union scale extorted wages, 5,000 school kids could be hired.

That reminds me of a story:

A huckster sets up a table at the street corner to hawk his multi-level marketing scam. He gets up on his soap box and cries, "Step right up folks and sign up for a better financial future!"

He sees a strapping man walking by and cries out to him, "You, what do you do for a living."

"I'm a janitor," the man sheepishly replied.

"A janitor? Surely an honorable profession and surely there's much room for financial improvement. Why not sign up for my plan?"

"Oh, you don't understand," the man replied. "I'm a janitor for the Post Office. I work five days each week, and get paid for eight hours each day, but I only work two hours each day. And I would come in on one of my rest days, and get paid for eight hours at time-and-a-half, but I only work ONE hour. Last year I pulled in over $75,000."

At which point the huckster gets off his soap box, looks the strapping man squarely in his eyes, and asks, "Damn. How do I get a job as a janitor in the Post Office?"

I don't make these thing up.

Talk to you.