[FWD: Sign Up to Wake Up America]

Dear All;
We recently had some fun with the Kucinich - Wake Up America video from the Dem Convention. Francosie Fielding came across this petition to demand Bush's impeachment by the signature signers.
You may wish to sign on or not. The web site page has a section on the lower right corner for just signing the petition. You can also opt out of any further by NOT CHECKING the send more information check box at the bottom of the signature page.
Personally speaking Bush should be impeached and also brought before the War Crimes Tribunal at the Hague or wherever it's located for trial for crimes against humanity like mass murder just like Hitler's hemchman.
Although in reality the War Crimes Tribunal at Nuremburg was a travesty of justice as there was no such mechanism to do any such thing in the creation of the war crimes tribunal. By rights Hitler and/or his henchman should have been tried in German criminal courts. However when you are the winners you get to do what you want to do as long as it looks and is perceived as legalistic.
It is sort of like the people who shot Lincoln. They were tried by a military tribunal although the US wasn't under martial law. They should have been tried in a civilian criminal court.
As the saying goes when you are in charge and are awinner you can write history to your benefit.
Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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