Fwd: Poly Presence at SF Pride is a GO: June 30 (SUNDAY):Poly Summer Solstice & Somerville commemoration

The LPSF has had a presence at San Francisco’s Pride festivities in the past (hosting a booth for many years, and further back a contingent in the parade on at least a couple occasions – though they generally put us near the tail end where we wouldn’t get on TV), but it’s unclear that our current level of activist engagement will support doing either. Further, there are questions about whether paying the high event fees required (that go in substantial part to the city government, which imposes various financial requirements on Pride organizers).

One possibility that was raised when we discussed this earlier this year is working with another libertarian-adjacent group. On that note, I just got word that polyamory advocates are planning to host a booth (see message below). If we have at least a volunteer or two besides myself willing to help at their booth, perhaps they would allow the LPSF some visibility as a group supporting poly rights. We could even potentially create a special brochure or piece of literature about the Libertarian Party’s support of polyamory and how it’s in synch with the Non-Aggression Principle (have as many partners as you wish so long as it’s voluntary). Or if not, we could potentially still help man the booth, and individuals could always mention how as libertarians they support poly rights.

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