Fwd: Phonebank to make Nevada the 3rd all-RCV state

For anyone who supports alternative voting methods that could help the Libertarian Party, see info below on how you can volunteer to phone bank to pass Ranked Choice Voting in Nevada. I did not know Maine and Alaska are both already ranked-choice-voting states now, did you?

While San Francisco has had ranked choice voting for a while and it has not made as big a difference as I’d hoped it might, I still think RCV is a good thing. As it becomes more common, people are more likely to get away from “winner-take-all” thinking and support alternatives to the Democrats and Republicans. And adoption of this new voting method could help pave the way for the other method I still think would be a huge game-changer, Proportional Representation.

Incidentally, someone recently contacted me out of the blue on Twitter to thank me for the motion I made on the LP Platform Committee last year, adding language supporting PR to one of our amendments. The amendment was adopted by delegates in Reno, making support for PR part of our national Libertarian Party platform! (See plank 3.6 at LP.org/Platform <http://lp.org/Platform>).

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