[FWD: Libertarian Party of San Francisco California: KTSF Request for Interview]

Cool, Marcy! Good luck with it, I'm sure you'll represent us well.
Here are a few suggestions to help you be prepared...

  Remember this guy is a TV reporter, so if he's coming to your house
you'll want to think about what you want to have as a backdrop when he
films you. If you've got a sign or something with the LPSF or LP name
and info on it to have in the background, that would help promote us.
Or you could have a Jeff Adachi sign in the background, or a homemade
"No On A" sign, etc.

  I suggest also asking him how long the actual segment will be that
they plan to air after editing. These TV folks can talk to you for 30
minutes and then end up using 30 seconds, and not necessarily the 30
seconds you would've wanted them to use! So if the actual segment's
going to be short, I recommend trying not to talk with him on camera
for too long if you've already gotten your points across, unless
you're feeling very confident about how the interview is going.

  Since you'll be talking about schools, mentioning that you have a
daughter will be good, especially if you can say she went to
government schools (and I hope in your conversation you do refer to
"government schools" and not "public schools"). Having framed pictures
of her or other young relatives "on the set", fridge art obviously
done by kids, etc., can't hurt.

  He'll likely want to ask about the specific claims we made in the
voter handbook, so the better you are prepared to speak to those
subjects, the better. By the way, I just got a copy of the voter
handbook, and I notice the Prop. A supporters failed to file a
rebuttal to our opponent's argument. That would be a good thing to
mention. If you have extra time to fill, you talk about how we do
educational volunteering ourselves, sending speakers to local schools
to talk to students in civics and other classes about the Libertarian
Party, civil liberties, and economic freedom. Maybe someone watching
will invite us to come speak as a result.
  If you can, find out when the segment will air and whether they can
get us a DVD. Let them know we hope they'll keep us in mind for future
coverage of elections or local political issues, we're always happy to
talk with them (give him one of your LPSF business cards if you've
still got 'em). And don't forget to mention our website! :slight_smile:

Love & Liberty,
                                    ((( starchild )))

Great suggestions, Starchild. Thank you!


Dear All,

Update on KTSF doings. Mr. Au was here with his videographer. They preferred to tape the 10 minute segment outside, since they did not have lights. That meant I had to speak for 10 minutes without my notes, which was OK. It also meant standing for 10 minutes, with my challenged back, which will not be as attractive on the video. But, all in all, I think things went well.

I thanked Mr. Au profusely in the name of the LPSF, and gave him some literature. He was intrigued with the WSPQ, and said he would take the Quiz.

I asked if he had any idea when the segment would be aired. He said he still had a lot more interviews to do on several other ballot measures, so he could not say when he would be finished. He suggested looking in the KTSF website.