Fwd: Following up regarding ideological diversity on KALW

Sharing some dialogue below that I’ve been having with a couple folks at San Francisco area NPR affiliate station KALW. If anyone else on our list wants to politely weigh in, it could be good for them to hear from more members of the public that left-wing bias at this taxpayer-funded news outlet is a matter of concern to you.

I was a caller on the air on fellow local NPR radio station KQED this morning, by the way – they had a guest on who’s written a book about “anexos” (sp.?) in Mexico, basically Catholic-oriented drug rehab facilities that involve some non-consensual and violent interactions. Apparently they operate in a shadowy legal realm and often kidnap children, spouses, and what-not at the request of parents or relatives concerned about their drug abuse problems. I called in to talk about how this is unacceptable if the individuals themselves don’t consent, and how it doesn’t tackle the underlying issues in society, even if it may be more efficient or helpful – at least for some – than State-run alternatives.

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