FW: UESF: Visit Senator Feinstein Tomorrow to Help Push for Healthcare Reform - Workforce Development Meeting in the Bayview


  All right, let me know when you would like to go after next week and maybe we can coordinate something.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

   A friend I hadn't seen for some time called this morning and asked me to do something with her. Sorry I didn't back to you sooner about Senator Feinstein. I'm obviously not going today and I don't think I'll go next week either. I shall write her another e-mail. I had e-mailed her about the "end of life consultation" part of the bill (I"m "older") and I just heard on the news that they are taking that part out. So maybe all the e-mails and protests will make a difference. Now I shall e-mail her about other parts of the bill I disagree with. I hope you get to go see her. Let us know what she says, if you do.