FW: SM Co. 2010 Petition Update [2 Attachments]

Dear All,

For those not on the San Mateo Libertarian Party list, here is the very helpful e-mail from Christopher Schmidt communicating how they sent out the petitions by mail and how much it costs. Yahoo will eat up the attachment showing the cover letter; the letter included a photo and a brief paragraph saying that with voter support the candidates can get on the ballot.


Hey Marcy.
Could you do a draft based on the letter that they sent.

I can't open the attachments.



Hi Phil,

As I said, SMLP seems to have sent a brief paragraph, not a letter. The paragraph SMLP sent says:

"This year we hope to put Libertarian candidates on the ballot in all California counties. In San Mateo County, we have five candidates: Mark Williams, Paul Lazanga, Gary Tutin, Ray Bell, and Kenita Watson. With your petitions (and those of Libertarians in other parts of the country) we can get them all on the ballot this year. Instructions are on the other side of this page. Thank you for your help!"

I do not see the instructions "on the other side of this page."

Maybe you could ask SMLP if you can use their words; which might be to everyone's advantage because it would seems like a big common effort.


Hi Phil and Rob,

I did not see Phil's Petition Party in the LPSF Announce List, so I am wondering if Rob would like to announce it?

So, now all Phil needs are petitions, a list of folks he wants to send them to, LPSF return labels, cover letters, envelopes, and postage....and party guests!

As I said, I am not going to volunteer for very much during January due to my job demands every January, so I will have to miss Phil's party.


I am hoping to attend, and I will bring copies of Christina Tobin's petitions also. I hope it's OK to include both. I assume that would not change the amount of postage needed by weight. Christina could pay half the postage.

Anyone can submit an announcement to lpsf-announce by simply emailing it to
lpsf-announce@yahoogroups.com and then one of the officers or webmasters
will approve it.


Hi Rob,

Well, here is something for you to fix : - ) I went to LPSF Announce, clicked Post, and posted this amazing announcement of Phil's party. I got a message saying do you want to receive news, I said No. Another message came up Your announcement will have to be approved. OK now what?