FW: Signal Flag: Supes Continue Embarrassing Behavior

I think the LPSF should send a letter to Sandoval congratulating him on
his courageous stance against the militarization of the US. We should
copy the Greens on it. Look at how the establishment Democrats are
reacting to him. Two articles below about it. David Heller at the bottom
is the head of the Geary Street Merchants Association and member of the
Taxpayers Union, a good guy but unfortunately heavily influenced by the
Democratic establishment.

We should also congratulate the Board of Supervisors for calling for the
Impeachment of Bush. See the article at the SF Sentinel

Michael Denny

I will be in Starbucks at 18th an Castro
collecting signitures on Monday from 2 on.
Please come in and sign. I need fourty
signitures by Thursday. The signitures
must be libertarian registered in the 8th
district ie San Francisco east of twin
peaks and gg park. Look for cane at the
tables on the west side. It's just a block
from Muni.