FW: Sat. 3/16 at 3PM: Watchdog coaching, bond oversight committees

I plan to go to this coaching session on Saturday. I can take up to two additional passengers in my car. Let me know by Saturday noon, so I can pick you up and get there on time.

David Peters

I noticed you are in the South Bay. I'm in the North Bay. That puts a couple million people between us. Getting our liberty back will require some regional coordination and I think this region is ground zero for the operation. We'll find the people we need in various factions, to create the coalitions for a new front.

Up here in the North Bay, we're aligning the groups according to the Drakes Bay Oyster Farm issue. It makes a good litmus test for big gov. v. small gov.-----government enterprise v. private enterprise-------crony environmentalism v. science and accountability.

I'll give you you a call, we can talk more.

John F. Bechtol