FW: PRO GUN MEETING SUNDAY - Oppose Proposition H

The San Francisco Coalition Against Prohibition (CAP), leaders in the
fight against Proposition H - the Handgun Ban on the November 8th ballot
- will meet again this Sunday, October 16.

* We have lots of news to share, including an announcement by the San
Francisco Police Officers Assocition that they are opposed to
Proposition H

* Bring a new face - friend, neighbor or coworker - to this important

* We meet in downtown San Francisco at the Pan Pacific Hotel - at the
corner of Mason and Post streets, one block west of Union Square. Go to
the 21st floor - Terra Vista room. There is convenient parking at the
Stockton-Sutter garage and nearby BART access. There is NO cost to

Meeting Schedule

10:00-12:00 MEDIA TRAINING. Everyone is invited to our seminar led by
gun rights media specialist Randall Herrst, who is flying in from Los
Angeles just for this event. If you want to call talk radio, you should
definitely attend. Randy will help you to push our message via talk

12:00-12:30 BROWN BAG LUNCH. Bring your own lunch and eat with other

12:30- 2:00 CAP GENERAL MEETING. You will hear the latest news and meet
key members of our team, hear about the endorsements we've picked up,
learn what talking points work best, and take home our latest flyer for
distribution to friends, coworkers and neighbors. We have a number of
volunteer positions that we hope to fill. CAP is now able to accept
monetary contributions, so bring your check book!

For questions, contact Peter Buxtun at (415) 398-7363 or David Golden at
(415) 750-0536 - www.sfcap.org


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