FW: OpinionJournal Article: Libertarians and the War

Eric, What is success in Iraq. What is defeat. How has any of this made us safer.

You keep quoting the preamble " provide for the common defense," and promote the general welfare". Both of these purposes are served by liberty, not by government. That is why the entire constitution is designed around in limiting and balancing the powers of government. These snippets became popular only with the rise of socialism.

The other point that everyone keeps missing is that a
pre-emptive invasion of a country that posed zero
threat to the US is not "providing for the common
defense" in the slightest. It is, rather, invading
another country on false pretenses.

Bush perjured himself in front of Congress when he
declared that it was a fact that Iraq had WMDs, and he
knew where they were. Bill Clinton was impeached for
lying about sex in a civil suit -- George Bush's
supporters claim it's "crazy talk" to impeach him,
despite the fact that he lied about a causus belli and
has involved the country in an endless conflict --
with thousands dead -- that is now longer than
America's entire tenure in World War II.



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