FW: Neocons walk around fearlessly...

If our country is full of terrorists, why have no neocons been
assassinated? Interesting question.
This is a good column:

Never mind the fact that the fact that the Arab League will not allow those
poor bastards to become a sovereign nation.

There is a reason this false refugee population was manufactured in the
first place, and that reason is why they have been herded into those camps
and kept in horrible conditions for so long.

I find it appalling that the world will not hold the Arab League to account
for what they have done.

And here on our soil we have the Neocons, the Illuminati, and giant lizard

Not only that Glenn, but Palestinians living in miserable conditions in Gaza and the West Bank as well as a few (permanent) "camps" in Lebanon IIRC, sadly aren't allowed to normally resettle in Arab countries, as I understand it. In many ways it would make sense to just make the "Palestinian Authority" areas part of Jordan, as the West Bank once was, but Jordan's rulers fear a Palestinian majority in that country and don't want them any more than Israel's rulers do.

  As for why there haven't been more assassinations of neo-conservatives in the U.S., maybe most of the people who might have terrorist inclinations already work for the government and don't want to jeopardize their lucrative jobs?
[I'm mostly joking... 8) ]

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Palestinain isolation is not just the fault of the Arab League . It is very musch in the Aarab leagues interest to have strong US presence in the area as a counterbalance to Iran. Iran is supplying the rockets, 40,000 which have landed on Israeli soil. Why the guidance is so poor may have other reasons than technical, as gyrocxopoc chips such as those used in video camera stabalizers costonly a few dollars. At teh makeit fiar, there are plenty of examples of garage based guidance systems.. A few bigger rockets have gotten through the eygyptioan blockaid. Perhaps the Eygyptian State is scared of Hammas. It is a very complicated situation which I certainly don't have a clear picture of. One thing is pretty clear to me. Historically Israel has done fine without US support. It's war of independence was foughtwith arms from Chechoclovakia, as pribably Stalin was still fighting the war before last, and trying to get Britain out once and for all. Not to mention Israel was an avowed Socialist state. 56 was alsoo done without US help. 67 was done largely with French arms. The US Liberty was attacked by Israel, probably for listening on bahalf of Eygpt.

Only in 72 with Nixon did Isreal become part of US defense doctrine..

Israel does not need the US now. OUr defense establishment may need Isreal , as they make all the best aps fo modernize and improve our jets and radar and such. Israel's natural ally now is India, and to someextent Russia. Many of the Oligarchs who run Russia are Jews. there is lots going on there we don't have a clue about.

I think the cause of Liberty is best served by promoting everywhere and always the validity of the founders principles of non entanglement. True then, and clearly true today. It is perhaps no accident that the USS Liberty got straffed by Israeli jets.