FW: More appointees ... that aren't going to change things for the better

More poor choices as the Obama cabinet begins to take shape.

Here's another ominous choice, for a position that probably is the most powerful, and clearly among the most inept, in Washington, barring the colossal losses in the Defense Department, as detailed below. Throwing our taxes (and our grandchildren's future) into a bottomless sinkhole of debt to bail out businesses that swindle their customers and don't deserve to survive in a free market economy may be just what the public wanted Henry Paulson to do to "save" us, but it's done nothing of the sort. Perhaps you're optimistic about the Obama administration's promise of transparent, participatory government. If so, then think again about the gravity of our dire economic situation under a Treasury Secretary who doesn't even bother paying the tax burden shared by the rest of us. Until, of course, he's forced to pay a token penalty of $41,000 to the IRS to get his new job. Sounds to me suspiciously like typical Chicago-style politics, where vital jobs are sold to the highest bidder. G
eez, you'd think the Treasury Secretary job ought to command a much higher bribe!

Considering Geithner's background in world finance and the Federal Reserve System that created this monster, I'm more than a little skeptical about whose interests he's really there to serve.

Here's a way to "participate" in the Obama administration, and keep our next president from making yet another a grave mistake.