FW: Meetups this week with: freedom lovers / Chinese names / City Hall polling place footprints


  I deleted the listing for the September Free Exchange at Jim's request. I think he was feeling disappointed at the low attendance during the summer and wants to wait until October. I showed up to the August social, and turned out to be the only guest (which was okay, we still had a good chat).

  Nice job on the letter regarding Chinese names on the ballot, by the way – I'd forgotten some of that history.

  Incidentally, I called the Elections Department to complain about the red and blue footprints leading to the City Hall polling stations, and after explaining the situation, was referred to director John Arntz. I left him a voicemail as well as telling the staffer (who sounded like she thought I had a valid point) that I wanted a callback from him, but still haven't heard back. In all the times I've tried to contact him over the past years, in fact, he has never once returned a call or an email! Gets an "F" for public relations in my book. Anyway, I also requested a feedback form from them, which they mailed me and I will fill out and submit.

Love & Liberty,
                               ((( starchild )))

Armtz completely ignored all my efforts to discuss my Chinese name issue…until the lawyer wrote him.

He never contacted me to say the rule had been overturned or ever said anything.. I heard it first from the Chinese Language media. There was never a public announcement.