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<< Found a way for San Francisco Libertarians to pull the state and

local organizations back up and to the left on the Nolan Chart.

Let's vocally and actively oppose Pete Knight's repeal of AB205,

which grants the same rights to same-sex couples as straight married

couples have (at least at the state level). Like we were the first

party to endorse the recall of Davis, let's beat the Dems and Greens

by being the first party to oppose Knight's initiative. More details

are below in MECA's newsletter.

Rob >>

Rob, I don't know that anyone in LP from the state office needs pulling up
but..I do see a great opportunity to bring more gay's into the party with this
issue. I would be happy to print up hand out cards/flyers for this endeavor, on
my dime of course. I would only ask that someone write the copy and if
possible design the card so all I would have to do is print it. I would help with
the design if need be. If anyone is interested, feel free to call me.

Live free or die, Michael S.

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