FW: [lpsf] Re: Why You Lose Elections

Thank you to Eric for his thoughts. I am assuming Eric's comment are in part influenced by the lively discussion we had at the LPSF meeting yesterday regarding the proposed "mini-convention" event; therefore, I will post his comment in the LPSF lists as response to Starchild's post on the proposed "mini convention." One more idea for the discussion.

Eric indicates that the libertarian oriented people he has met "look just like Starchild." Those I have met, do not. The reason for this dichotomy is the inherent difficulty in meshing the two libertarian principles of social liberty and economic liberty. Emphasis on social liberty is often labeled by economic libertarians as more libertine than libertarian. Emphasis on economic liberty is often labeled by the social liberty advocates as "Republican Light." And one side always attributes the lack of libertarian activists or LPSF members on the other side!!