FW: [lpsf-activists] Need speaker for noon Monday press conference on voters rejecting "Community Justice Center" (Measure L)

I might be able to do it but would need some help with the message.
Sounds like a good opportunity.


Hi Mike,

  Great! You wouldn't really need to say too much (and they'd probably
be just as happy to have speakers keep it short). Some points you
might want to hit include:

-The LPSF opposed Proposition L and we call on the Board of
Supervisors to cancel the "Community Justice Center" in accordance
with voter wishes
-Libertarians believe that if there is no victim, there is no crime,
and that you have the right to do as you wish with your own time,
money, body and justly acquired property so long as it does not
involve initiating force or fraud against others
-Things like drug use, prostitution, loitering, drinking in public,
sleeping in public, and living in a vehicle, should not be illegal;
generally speaking, arresting people for these things represents the
criminalization of poverty
-The authorities want to pressure people into community court because
they are arresting so many innocent people that the regular courts
can't handle the case load
-People who want to serve on community court themselves (a good
opportunity to help innocent people go free!) should call coordinator
Paula Bullock at (415) 865-2522 and ask to be mailed an application
[I just spoke with her and requested one myself; she was unexpectedly
friendly, not a typical government employee]
-The U.S. has the highest per capita and perhaps the highest total
prison population in the world (according to what I read it's not
known how many prisoners there are in China) and this country is
moving toward a police state -- it is urgent that we fight this trend
and not construct new prisons or add more capacity to the criminal
justice system

  If you can do this, please tell Shona Gochenaur -- she can be
reached at (415) 240-5247 or <axisoflovesf@gmail.com>. If you can't,
I hope someone else will. If you can leave me a message over the
weekend at (415) 368-8657 to let me know what's up, I would
appreciate it.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

I didn't hear from her...