FW: Lim. Em. Do.

Your last sentence below says..."be positively identified consistently in the media as spearheading a nation-wide protest or public policy position." Eminent domain abuse is a public policy position that crosses all party lines. The liberals who have signed our petition think we're Democrats and the conservatives think we're Republicans. We've gotten 1100 signatures between the 2 of us and in general there are 4 types of people who don't sign: 1. too busy to stop and listen 2. political officials (i.e. Mayors, lawyers for the county , city planners, 3) developers and 4) people who say, "I don't own anything so I don't care." (I guess this is why Bush wants America to be an "ownership society" because property owners are more conservative with their property and money.) Other than those 3 groups we have only had 6 people turn us down because they thought eminent domain was a good idea or that the initiative wasn't written correctly. Below your last e-mail is our latest bulletin from the organization in charge of our petition.

Marge and Bob