FW: Info for motion to authorize LPSF spending on ballot arguments (up to $2800?)

Thanks for this Starchild. We have approximately $10,800 in our coffers, and I think this is very important and well worth the money.

To the board: I move that LPSF adopt the draft ballot arguments in their current form as it’s own, subject to any minor revisions made by board members prior to the submission of the arguments to the City, and that LPSF is authorized to spend up to $2,800 for the statements to be published in the City’s voter information pamphlet.


I second!

I vote yes.

I third


If it wasn’t clear from my making the motion, I also vote(d) yes on this.

Jeff, since you seconded, I assume you were also a “yes.”

Starchild, did you wish to cast a vote on this? I ask for record keeping purposes.

LPSF Treasurer

Correct, I vote yes.

Thank you Greg, yes, I think I forgot to actually cast a vote on it. I vote yes as well.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))