FW: [GLIL] Find your California recall candidate!

Arianna is:
+ cut corporate tax loopholes
+ cut prison budget
+ pro-choice
+ anti-death penalty
+ pro same-sex couples
+ pro renewable energy
- pro labor laws
- pro affirmative action, anti prop 54
- pro immigration
= a strong social liberal and mild economic liberal.

Bill Simon is:
+ pro-deregulation
+ anti-affirmative action
+ pro renewable energy
+ decrease all spending (except items below)
- increase education, law enforcement, highway spending
- lower tax primary for wealthy and corporations
- pro death penalty
- anti immigration
- anti-abortion choice
- anti-same-sex couples
- presumably anti separation of church and state
= strong social conservative, strong economic conservative

This puts Arianna closer to the LP which is:
strong social liberal and strong economic conservative

Though this is just what I gather from skimming their websites.

-- Steve