FW: Activity in Case 1:13-cv-06104-AJN Sloan et al v. Caruso et al Order for Initial Pretrial Conference

Dear Mr. Szalkiewitz,

You completely misunderstand my intentions.

I will not merely follow this court case through to the end. I will have
you disbarred from the practice of law, I will have you arrested and
prosecuted for forgery, I will have you sentenced to a long term in prison,
and at least one of the other candidates that you cheated of the right to
run for election may have more drastic remedies.

Of course, I shall also be bringing civil suits for money damages against
you, Mr. Sal Caruso and Mr. John Greaney.

You made a mistake in picking me as one of your targets. You should have
looked me up and found out more about me before you did this.

Sam Sloan