Frustration with the LPSF

Dear San Francisco Libertarians,

I am tempted to resignfrom my position as Secretary of the LPSF in protest
against the county Chair allowing an illegitimate motion to proceed to
recommend San Francisco Republican Party chair John Dennis for Congress,
District 12. The LPSF Chair allowed a registered Republican and the
bookkeeper of the CA Republican Party to vote on LPSF business, which I
believe is a conflict of interest and compromised the organization's
integrity. The individual in question cast the deciding vote; had this
person not voted, the motion would have failed. In addition, Mr. Dennis
holds views that are in direct contrast with our state and national
platform, particularly immigration (campaigning on stricter immigration
laws, supporting Trump's border wall and encouraging culturally enforced
assimilation). This recommendation by the LPSF committee was in violation
of Libertarian Party of California Bylaw 9, Section 3 and Bylaw 5, Section
1. There are other possible county and state bylaw violations, but these
stand out. The state executive committee refused to take action on this
matter, which I find troubling (why have bylaws if you refuse to uphold
them?). I will recommend electing a new slate of county officers to ensure
this doesn't happen again. While it is possible the state excom will take
this matter up again in the future, I feel like the can was kicked down the
road with no resolution. Are we a separate political party or shall we live
in the shadow of the Republican Party? The buck stops here.

Richard Fast
Libertarian Party of San Francisco

Thank you Richard….if you have another election, make sure I am there and I will support you.

Michael Denny
Libertarian Party of San Francisco
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Dear Richard:I hope you don't resign (the LPSF needs someone who is on top of things and believes in obeying the rules), but I completely share your frustration.And this is not a new problem or a new problem with John Dennis. He is a total opportunist. l raised the issue the last time the LPSF endorsed him for something (at this point I don't remember what) and have also done so at other times when this has come up with different people. The trouble in his case is that the LPSF has had a long relationship with him dating back to when he was much more libertarian and not so involved with the Republican Party and so people overlook what he has become- quite aside from the fact that the LPSF is not supposed to endorse people for office who are not libertarian or let them vote in our meetings. I just lost my partner of 25 years and am moving back to NYC but, even, if that were not the case, I have gotten so sick of the LPSF's laxity in every regard that I have just given up. It is a shame. We used to have a tight knit, working well together, full slate of officers and a good number of involved members, but the old guard has gotten worn out and has retired and it seems to be impossible to recruit people who are serious about our principles to the party. Our last slate of officers basically rarely showed up at our meetings....I wish you the very best but am not sure I hold out much hope.Françoise

Françoise Fielding, Esq., 820 Stanyan St. #5, San Francisco, CA 94117, 415-386-8643