From the OC to DC

Dear All;

I am on Fiona Ma's email list so I can get sometimes advance notice of what skulduggery the pols are up to.

This is about her trip to DC for the inaugural BUT she highlighted it with a pargraph about getting to hear Montana Governor where she is so proud he could share this with his audience.:

He also shared real-life stories about how progressive Montana has been under his leadership, especially in education where they're working towards the goal of mandatory daylong kindergarten and free preschool.

As someone who has written about the depradations of th California's government schools those words simply chill my blood. That is major massive Statism going totally over the top. It's telling the parents of Montana - bug out - we know what we are doing and you don't.

Of course no mention of what the cost is in not only tax dollars but the cost in the statist subjugation of children throughout Montana in government schools.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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