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In this excellent essay, Long quotes our very own and very articulate
Lady Aster, though he disagrees.

35) What empire does to a culture
Ludwig von Mises Institute
by Roderick T. Long

"Today I wish to consider a certain argument for empire that comes not
liberty's enemies but from its friends -- though on this issue misguided
friends, in my opinion. I shall call it the cosmopolitan argument for
empire. According to the cosmopolitan argument for empire, there is a
tendency for empires to be more tolerant and pluralistic than the more
local regimes they subsume, precisely because they draw on a wider
of cultural traditions and values." (11/13/06)

And here's a very interesting short article by David Nolan:

0) Symposium and auction

In the wake of last week's elections, Libertarian Party founder David
comes out against the proposition that his party's "primary mission" is
elect people to office. What do you think? Weigh in at: