From Rational Review News Digest

26) War guilt in Iraq
    by Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

"[E]ven George Bush said before the invasion that it was in Saddam's
power to stop a war if only he would comply with US demands. But was
it really? ... We've already seen how the WMD claim didn't hold up.
It is tough for Americans to admit it, but Saddam was telling the
truth, and US leaders were not. ... the Iraqi government did
everything it could to avert a war, even aside from revealing all
known details about its weapons' programs in its accurate 12,000-page
weapons declaration to the UN. It tried old-fashioned backdoor
diplomatic maneuvers as well, further establishing that the issue of
war guilt firmly lands on the US." (11/10/03)

12) Iraqis rebuild factory at fraction of US Army's estimate
    Washington Post

"The rumbling, rust-colored cement factory tucked into a valley in
the northwest corner of the country here stands as a monument to the
success of the reconstruction effort. Burned and looted in the
aftermath of the war, it was up and running again by mid-September.
But it was not put back together by the U.S.-led interim government
and the fleets of contractors being paid billions of dollars to fix
the country. In fact, had the plant managers gone the 'American way,'
the factory might still be in pieces." (11/10/03)